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Project Description
Liquidations on DeFi platforms as a means of making money used to be quite inaccessible to a majority of DeFi enthusiasts, while the yields they can offer are very attractive. We aim to combat this by allowing anyone to participate in DeFi liquidations. LiquiDefi is a profit-sharing platform for liquidations. Users deposit into our pool and are minted Tokens. These tokens represent a percentage of the total pool holdings and increase in value as liquidations are carried out. The pooled funds are utilised by our liquidation bots. By using the pooled assets vs flash loans we save in gas cost and are more efficient. This also will give everyday users the chance to profit from liquidation yields.
Our Vision
We envision LiquiDeFi to be the platform of choice for traders all over the world. We continue to strive for excellence every day and are constantly looking forward to seeing more and more traders succeed in their financial endeavors.

Fair, Trustworthy and Dependable

Trading with LiquiDefi means trading with a broker who is fair and reputable.All clients enjoy the same fair and ethical trading conditions regardless of their net capital worth, the size of their investment.
LiquiDefi provides a fair and trustworthy trading experience by pioneering a strict no re-quotes and no rejections policy.Moreover, 99.35% of all trading orders are executed in less than one second, with no re-quotes and no rejections.Our business model relies on the firm conviction that in execution is everything.
At LiquiDefi client funds are our top priority. Meanwhile, all clients benefit from Negative Balance Protection, so they are never at risk of losing more than their account balance.
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